Visualise Going Paper-Light with Enterprise Content Management

art-1The education sector is coping with an increase in paperwork, thanks to changes in legislation and curriculum requirements. Your staff with full schedules might find this both time consuming and stressful.  They might also feel as if they are losing time that might be better spent in teaching or research.

A part of the burden of paperwork is document management itself. In fact, the challenge of filing, accessing and managing documents is growing in the era of greater accessibility and remote working.

Although all documents that schools can now be managed in a digital format, faster work processes are frequently frustrated by poor indexation and document handling.

Thankfully, technology is more than keeping pace with the changes in the sector and many schools are realising the benefits of Enterprise Content Management (ECM). As a sector, you are learning that whole departments can be streamlined and that staff can save huge amounts of time previously spent dealing with administration.

With ECM, all scanned or stored documents are centrally saved according to their content and are much more easily retrievable. There is no longer any need to worry about how to manually label a document because that process is fully automated. There is no need for any duplication in filing and there is also a record of all changes made to the document which all makes remote collaboration on a given document easier.

You realise that your staff can start to worry only about what is in the document, rather than where it is, what it is called or how to guide others to the changes you have made. You also no longer have to worry about who can access documents because ECM automatically improves information security.

Konica Minolta understands that ECM can make a massive difference to the administrative challenges within your sector and so have produced a video guide [LINK]  to all of its benefits.


Konica Minolta’s expertise comes from making work processes as smooth as possible and continuing to apply that experience to new technologies, helping the education sector solve document processing challenges and free up valuable time.  By applying ECM to entire processes, paperwork, and the stress it creates is reduced and your staff can enjoy a better distribution of their workload.

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