Increase Yours Mac’s Memory By Up To 256 Gb In Just Seconds

We look at Transcend’s JetDrive Lite storage expansion cards for the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with Retina display. JetDrive Lite expansion cards are a quick and easy way to gain the additional space you need without adding any bulk to your MacBook computer. Simply insert JetDrive Lite into the card reader slot on the […]

Starting An Education Revolution: The Role of Innovation

    By Tom March Innovation is an interesting concept, perhaps a little like other big ideas such as ‘excellence’ and ‘beauty’ where each person enjoys a slightly different flavour, but all know it when they see it. If people had to define it in the abstract, they would never reach a suitable agreement. People […]

Secure your free entry to Total Facilities – Australia’s largest industry gathering for facilities and workplace professionals.

Registrations are now open to facilities and workplace management professionals to attend Total Facilities, Australia’s largest industry exhibition, held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre from Wednesday April 6 to Thursday April 7. Returning to Melbourne with an exciting new proposition, Total Facilities will provide the ultimate destination for professionals concerned with the built […]

Educators And Technologists Can Together Create Great Learning Experiences

By Marie Cullen. Teachers play a major part in facilitating children’s learning, yet learning is driven by a natural human capacity to create, explore and expand. Learning is an ongoing process of the human being, leading to development, skills, knowledge and understanding. Ultimately, it is what learning can facilitate for the individual and, in turn, […]

Using Education Technology In Simple Ways To Improve Assessment

By Dr Shelley Kinash. If I had to nominate one learning experience as the best across each of my primary and secondary schooling, the first example would be from my Year 9 Law class. One day, the principal came into our classroom. His face was red and he was frowning. He took Dwayne, one of […]

Modern Learning Environments – The Underlying Philosophy To Success

By Karen Tui Boyes. Modern Learning Environments (MLE) are all the talk in educational circles right now. Schools around the world are knocking out walls and creating bright, stimulating classrooms with multi-purpose furniture and giving students access to technology. On the surface it looks fantastic, however, without a big pedagogy shift, students will simply be […]

Announcing MoodleCloud by Moodle

Quick Snapshot of MoodleCloud MoodleCloud is a new hosting solution offered directly from the makers of Moodle, allowing anyone to get a free Moodle site in seconds. Ideal for individual classrooms and other limited learning environments, MoodleCloud includes the latest version of Moodle’s award-winning education technology software in addition to selected integration with other software. […]

Getting Girls Into Coding

Sarah Boyd. Women are missing from the technology landscape in Australia. According to a 2013 Australian workforce study, they occupy less than 20 percent of positions in the majority of ICT occupations (Australian Workforce and Productivity Agency, 2013). It is no different in the US where Google and LinkedIn both have only 17 percent of […]

8 Steps To Improving Learning And Teaching Through Education Technology Research

By Dr Shelley Kinash. One of the key differentiating characteristics of quality schools and universities is their distinctive value proposition in the area of learning and teaching. Quality schools and universities strive to make an outstanding contribution to student learning, engagement, and the overall student experience. As leaders in learning and teaching, teachers have an […]


True zero-touch iPad and Mac deployment is no longer a dream – it’s a reality that CompNow can deliver. As the first reseller in Australia to offer Apple’s Device Enrolment Program (DEP), we are thrilled to be able to provide an insight into what the program can mean to your organisation.. Are you involved with deploying technology at […]