Starting An Education Revolution: The Role of Innovation

    By Tom March Innovation is an interesting concept, perhaps a little like other big ideas such as ‘excellence’ and ‘beauty’ where each person enjoys a slightly different flavour, but all know it when they see it. If people had to define it in the abstract, they would never reach a suitable agreement. People […]

Issue #63 Cover Story: An Ever-Evolving Virtual World, And Its Impact

By Paramita Roy B.A B.Ed M.Ed. The virtual world is expanding at an extraordinary pace, engaging millions of users, and the number is growing each day. The current generation of learners has already immersed themselves outside school in the 2D and 3D cinematic world of communication and gaming. Educational Researchers have been working relentlessly from […]

Why You Need A Personal Learning Network

By Dr Carol Skyring. If I were to ask you to draw a diagram illustrating where and from whom you learn, it would probably be quite complex. It might include conferences, workshops, books, social media and blogs. It would most certainly include a range of people: colleagues, peers, practitioners and experts. It would also look […]

Interactive Whiteboards And The Digitisation Of Music Resources

By Katie Wardrobe. Despite the growing iPad trend, interactive whiteboards (IWBs) are still a fixture in many music classrooms. While a set of iPads have the benefit of engaging more than one student at a time, IWBs still have a lot to offer – for both the students and the teacher. Whether you are engaging […]

Issue #54 Cover Story: Learning In 140 Characters: Why Twitter Is An Invaluable Professional Development Tool

By Carol Skyring. Imagine being able to ask for a resource or help on a topic and have an answer within moments – no matter what time of day or night. In addition, this resource is easy and it is free! Twitter is a great way to network and collaborate with other educators and access […]

Professional Development: Whose Responsibility Should It Be?

By Shelley Kinash. Evidence is amassing to prove that teaching with technology can improve learning. According to research, education technology designed and optimised in keeping with learning principles leads to student advancement in knowledge, skills and attributes. Students who graduate from technology-infused classrooms have increased application, satisfaction and retention. In education technology, there is acceleration […]