Genius Hour in Your Classroom

| By Jason Hosking | What if you could learn about anything you wanted to? What are you interested in? What are you passionate about? What do you want to tell the world? How are you going to change the world? There are only three guidelines: Research something. Create something. Share it. Welcome to Genius […]

Students Who Create Or Consume – Where Do You Think The Balance Should Lie?

Create or consume? The answer is not black and white. It is not one thing or the other. Every human has the innate desire to create and add value to the world. Something new, something unique – we all aspire to that. On the other hand, every human must also consume and there is nothing […]

Starting An Education Revolution: The Role of Innovation

    By Tom March Innovation is an interesting concept, perhaps a little like other big ideas such as ‘excellence’ and ‘beauty’ where each person enjoys a slightly different flavour, but all know it when they see it. If people had to define it in the abstract, they would never reach a suitable agreement. People […]

Retrospect Backup and Recovery Software

With the right solution, educational institutions everywhere can rest easy knowing that their digital assets are safe. Retrospect’s enterprise level features provide local and offsite backups, precise point-in-time restores, built-in file-level deduplication, VMware integration, iOS remote management of multiple backup servers, end-user-initiated restores, and industry-leading customer support, all with no dedicated IT staff required to manage […]

Learn 6 key strategies Australian Universities are using to design and create new learning spaces

As new technologies continue to transform the way students learn and engage with each other, learning spaces must continue to evolve and be designed to cater for new innovative styles of learning. Ahead of New Generation Learning Space Design 2016, we take a look at six key strategies universities across Australia are using to transform […]

ETS Digital Edition: Issue #69

Parallels Launches Parallels Access 3.0 Remote Access App and Service with New File Sharing and Apple Watch Support Capabilities

  Today’s on-the-go Professionals are Always Connected and Parallels Access 3.0 Puts the Power of the Office and Home Computer in the Palm of Their Hand Parallels® today introduced an update to its Parallels Access™ app ( for remote access to PCs and Macs1. Launched on both iOS and Android platforms, Parallels has added large file sharing for […]

The Maker Movement – Retinkering Education

By Zeina Chalich. In a new book, Invent To Learn: Making, Tinkering, and Engineering in the Classroom, internationally respected educators Sylvia Martinez and Gary Stager capture the excitement of the Maker Movement and share the educational case for bringing making, tinkering and engineering to every classroom. According to Martinez and Stager, the Maker Movement, a […]

Issue #63 Cover Story: An Ever-Evolving Virtual World, And Its Impact

By Paramita Roy B.A B.Ed M.Ed. The virtual world is expanding at an extraordinary pace, engaging millions of users, and the number is growing each day. The current generation of learners has already immersed themselves outside school in the 2D and 3D cinematic world of communication and gaming. Educational Researchers have been working relentlessly from […]

Action Knowledge: What Do Exemplary Teachers’ Do When They Integrate Technology?

By Jane Hunter. New research drawn from a group of exemplary teachers’ knowledge of technology integration shines a light on what classrooms should look like right now and into the future in primary and secondary schools. Teachers in the ethnographic study had to satisfy a set of ‘purposive criteria’ to participate and they taught students […]