Genius Hour in Your Classroom

| By Jason Hosking | What if you could learn about anything you wanted to? What are you interested in? What are you passionate about? What do you want to tell the world? How are you going to change the world? There are only three guidelines: Research something. Create something. Share it. Welcome to Genius […]

Students Who Create Or Consume – Where Do You Think The Balance Should Lie?

Create or consume? The answer is not black and white. It is not one thing or the other. Every human has the innate desire to create and add value to the world. Something new, something unique – we all aspire to that. On the other hand, every human must also consume and there is nothing […]

How To Upgrade Your SSD Storage For MacBook And MacBook Air

Introducing the new JetDrive SSD upgrade kits for the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with Retina display. Complete with tools, instructions, and a slick aluminum USB 3.0 enclosure to reuse your original SSD, Transcend’s JetDrive SSD upgrade kits allow you to both increase your storage space and boost the performance of your Mac®. Transcend’s JetDrive […]

Starting An Education Revolution: The Role of Innovation

    By Tom March Innovation is an interesting concept, perhaps a little like other big ideas such as ‘excellence’ and ‘beauty’ where each person enjoys a slightly different flavour, but all know it when they see it. If people had to define it in the abstract, they would never reach a suitable agreement. People […]

Learn 6 key strategies Australian Universities are using to design and create new learning spaces

As new technologies continue to transform the way students learn and engage with each other, learning spaces must continue to evolve and be designed to cater for new innovative styles of learning. Ahead of New Generation Learning Space Design 2016, we take a look at six key strategies universities across Australia are using to transform […]

ETS Digital Edition: Issue #69

Schoology : Learn. Together. LMS Seminars.

Schoology, the education technology company that puts collaboration at the heart of the learning experience, is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with CompNow as the company’s Australian reseller and integrator in Australia.  Together, Schoology and CompNow are touring the country in September to bring an exciting series of seminars to all interested principals, educators […]

Computer Coding In The Classroom: An Important Step For Australia’s Future

By Ed Airey. Educational institutions and businesses play a significant role in shaping the future generation of IT professionals. This is even more apparent as they will be the most digitally literate workforce that we will see in our lifetime, and especially true when we examine the local market for application development and demand for […]

Another Big Award Win for Revolutionary SMART kapp

Digital Capture Board Wins Best in Show at ISE 2015 – Europe’s Largest AV show. SMART Technologies Inc announces that its innovative SMART kapp™ digital capture board has won another prestigious award. At ISE 2015, SMART kapp was named Best of Show by Tech and Learning UK. Judges said “SMART kapp uses a blend of technologies to make […]

Ultimate Typing™ EDU: A Complete Keyboarding Solution For Today’s Classrooms

Today’s schools need to integrate technology into the classroom while at the same time making sure that students have the skills to use that technology efficiently. Whether it’s for homework or research, general literacy learning or specific IT-focused classes like computer programming, every student needs to know how to type accurately and quickly to keep […]