Students Who Create Or Consume – Where Do You Think The Balance Should Lie?

Create or consume? The answer is not black and white. It is not one thing or the other. Every human has the innate desire to create and add value to the world. Something new, something unique – we all aspire to that. On the other hand, every human must also consume and there is nothing […]

The Need And Opportunity To Rethink Schooling – Just One Of Many Critical Issues For Schools

Leading a school in an age of disruption driven by technology is not easy. There are so many critical issues that schools are facing that need to be tackled. This article is confined to one issue only – the need and opportunity to rethink schooling. The Need Sounds desperate. But educators are not desperate! Some […]


By Anthony Speranza. According to recent figures from the US, in 2014 the Chromebook quickly became the bestselling device in Northern American educational markets and is continuing to grow in popularity (see But are Chromebooks really a panacea for the ever growing and ever evolving educational market? Or are they merely a fad destined […]

@ideasBoomAu or bust?

In the most recent issue of Education Technology Solutions, we presented the article titled @ideasBoomAu Or Bust? by Dr Jane Hunter. This article explored the potential impact of the Government’s new five year National Innovation and Science Agenda (NISA). While the article was correct at the time of writing, subsequent announcements by the Government have since rendered some of […]

Home Gadgets that Serve as Educational Tools for Your Kids

By Kaitlin Krull. Gadgets are here to stay, especially for the children of our generation. Everything in moderation: we’ve all heard the phrase, we all (hopefully) know what it means. Like you, we at Modernize know that it has never been more applicable to anyone than to children. Too many sweet treats lead to upset […]

ETS Digital Edition: Issue #69

WANTED: Who Might Be The Australian Equivalent Of Super-Awesome Sylvia?

By Dr Jane Hunter. Inspiration As I left Brisbane after attending EduTECH 2015, I reflected on a tweet posted by Leanne Cameron from the ICT Educators of New South Wales (ICTENSW) – she called for Australia to find its own Super-Awesome Sylvia out in schools; or, as I am going to call her, Australia’s own […]

Welcome To The Future – Touchscreens In Classrooms

By Guy Monty.  The launch of the iPhone in 2007 propelled the smartphone out of the business devices market and into the world of consumer electronics. The overnight success and explosive uptake of the iPhone also meant that touch-based gestural devices, a form of technology which had, to that point, been struggling to find mainstream […]

*HURRY!* Register NOW for one of the 2 bonus ZERO-TOUCH DEPLOYMENT APPLE DEP Seminars

Geelong South, VIC Keysborough, VIC True zero-touch iPad and Mac deployment is no longer a dream – it’s a reality that CompNow can deliver. As the first reseller in Australia to offer Apple’s Device Enrolment Program (DEP), we are thrilled to be able to provide an insight into what the program can mean to your organisation.. […]

THYMIO II – ETS 2015 Buyers Guide

Here is one of the lowest cost ways to start learning using robots that we’ve ever seen for classrooms.