Genius Hour in Your Classroom

| By Jason Hosking | What if you could learn about anything you wanted to? What are you interested in? What are you passionate about? What do you want to tell the world? How are you going to change the world? There are only three guidelines: Research something. Create something. Share it. Welcome to Genius […]

Students Who Create Or Consume – Where Do You Think The Balance Should Lie?

Create or consume? The answer is not black and white. It is not one thing or the other. Every human has the innate desire to create and add value to the world. Something new, something unique – we all aspire to that. On the other hand, every human must also consume and there is nothing […]

The Need And Opportunity To Rethink Schooling – Just One Of Many Critical Issues For Schools

Leading a school in an age of disruption driven by technology is not easy. There are so many critical issues that schools are facing that need to be tackled. This article is confined to one issue only – the need and opportunity to rethink schooling. The Need Sounds desperate. But educators are not desperate! Some […]


By Anthony Speranza. According to recent figures from the US, in 2014 the Chromebook quickly became the bestselling device in Northern American educational markets and is continuing to grow in popularity (see But are Chromebooks really a panacea for the ever growing and ever evolving educational market? Or are they merely a fad destined […]

Attaining Competitive Advantage For Your School Through Responsive Website Design

By Scott Patterson. You may have recently heard about the massive and necessary evolution on the web this year, specifically with the way websites are currently being redesigned to meet the needs of the exploding mobile market. This is the age of a new term you are going to be seeing a lot of right […]

Opportunities for Industry to Sponsor, Speak, Exhibit and Address the Tech Skills Crisis

6,000 school leavers and undergraduates attend events around the country to hear about the ICT industry from experts, the largest technology employers and entrepreneurial start ups. The ACS Foundation (ACSF), whose charter is to encourage private and public sponsorship of ICT higher education and research initiatives, is encouraging the technology and innovation sector to join […]

ETS Digital Edition: Issue #69


 Brett Salakas October 22, 2015 Blog 26   This is an ‘open letter’ written on behalf of the teachers involved in the #aussieED PLN. It is a request to understand your vision for the future of education in Australia. So often education is politicised. This letter is an attempt to steer away from the murky […]

Be Inspired! Learn Online!

By Bev Novak. Teachers, like the students in their schools, need to discover the joy of learning and its inherent power. Whether it is the exploration of new skills, new tools or new pedagogy, the value of pursuing topics of personal interest in an online learning program in which self-directed exploration and discovery feature is […]

Digital Learners – Achieving Through Technology

By Zeina Chalich. Advances in technology have led to changes in the way people communicate, create, collaborate, solve problems and consume content. The increasing prevalence of technology has disrupted the way they work, play and learn. The world is becoming increasingly connected and interdependent with an endless supply of information accessible at any time of […]