Starting An Education Revolution: The Role of Innovation

    By Tom March Innovation is an interesting concept, perhaps a little like other big ideas such as ‘excellence’ and ‘beauty’ where each person enjoys a slightly different flavour, but all know it when they see it. If people had to define it in the abstract, they would never reach a suitable agreement. People […]

The Flipped Classroom – A Paradigm Shift

  By Matt Burns A change is here. It is not coming. It is here. It has arrived. And like the wind, teachers can feel it on their skin, and in some classrooms. The way teachers have taught for the last 100 years is undergoing a significant transformation. This article is about a paradigm shift. […]

Attaining Competitive Advantage For Your School Through Responsive Website Design

By Scott Patterson. You may have recently heard about the massive and necessary evolution on the web this year, specifically with the way websites are currently being redesigned to meet the needs of the exploding mobile market. This is the age of a new term you are going to be seeing a lot of right […]

How Is Interactive Media Changing The Way Children Learn?

By Marie Cullen. Interactive media is captivating tech-savvy children via apps and video games. Today, 57 percent of children under the age of eight are using educational applications, according to a study from Nielsen’s 2014 Digital Consumer Report. The expansion of interactive media provides a vital opportunity to empower children and to increase their educational […]

ETS Digital Edition: Issue #69

Blogging: Powerful And Addictive!

By Bev Novak. Blogging is a powerful way to learn, explore and discover. Replete with an infinite source of information on a limitless number of topics, the blogosphere is a perfect location for educators to create and direct their own learning path. That which is learned from either reading or writing blog posts expands both […]

5 Minutes with Jennifer Gough from WordFlyers

When it comes to gamification, how do you strike the balance between learning and the playing? Teachers are understandably concerned about finding the right balance between learning and playing when they determine which apps and websites they are going to use with their classes. They want to know what kinds of learning outcomes the whole […]

Optimising Education Administration

By Scott Patterson. Imagine a school in which technology enabled far greater efficiencies every day and administration errors were practically a thing of the past. Now picture your school as a place where parents and students alike wanted so badly to be a part of your community from the moment they first interacted with your […]

Schools: Invent The Next Era Of Education

By Tom March. Many in society have personally experienced the power of technology to enrich their learning. Such things as social media, on-demand audio-video streams and an unlimited array of newspapers, magazines and special-interest communities make this the best time for accessing learning opportunities that humanity has ever known. So those less familiar with schools […]

The Next Hurdles to Overcome in Flipping Your Class

By Jon Bergmann.                   I have been leading flipped class workshops for many years and as I have worked with thousands of teachers, I have identified several hurdles that need to be overcome for teachers and schools to implement the flipped class model in their schools.  In […]