The Flipped Classroom – A Paradigm Shift

  By Matt Burns A change is here. It is not coming. It is here. It has arrived. And like the wind, teachers can feel it on their skin, and in some classrooms. The way teachers have taught for the last 100 years is undergoing a significant transformation. This article is about a paradigm shift. […]

Action Knowledge: What Do Exemplary Teachers’ Do When They Integrate Technology?

By Jane Hunter. New research drawn from a group of exemplary teachers’ knowledge of technology integration shines a light on what classrooms should look like right now and into the future in primary and secondary schools. Teachers in the ethnographic study had to satisfy a set of ‘purposive criteria’ to participate and they taught students […]

Issue #62 Cover Story: Even Trees Can Talk: The Internet Of Things In Education

By Dr Michelle Selinger. You have probably heard about the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) but wondered what it means. The Internet of Things is about smart objects – interconnected things in which the line between the physical object and digital information about that object is blurred. At the simplest level, IoT focusses on sensor networks […]

Using Technology To Make A Splash In The Classroom

By Annabel Astbury. Asking Australia’s first Astronaut what it was like living in space, helping an advocate defend a case in Ancient Rome, creating an online census and discovering some national treasures from Austraila’s leading galleries and museums – these are just some of the exciting activities that Australian kids have enjoyed through their experiences […]

3D Printing: Impacting The Minds Of The Future

By Nigel Brockbank. Schools everywhere are changing. We can see technological advances impacting schools and the way children learn everywhere. More recently, 3D printing has been making its mark on the minds of the future. It has certainly caused a stir in the media of late, but what are the benefits to the ways in […]

Social Network Security

By Philip Brookes. Just a few short years ago, social media was only used by early adopters and kids but now roughly half the Australian population has a Facebook account and social media participation is considered mainstream. In fact, if you did a quick online search about any individual, the odds are you will be […]

Issue #54 Cover Story: Learning In 140 Characters: Why Twitter Is An Invaluable Professional Development Tool

By Carol Skyring. Imagine being able to ask for a resource or help on a topic and have an answer within moments – no matter what time of day or night. In addition, this resource is easy and it is free! Twitter is a great way to network and collaborate with other educators and access […]