The Flipped Classroom – A Paradigm Shift

  By Matt Burns A change is here. It is not coming. It is here. It has arrived. And like the wind, teachers can feel it on their skin, and in some classrooms. The way teachers have taught for the last 100 years is undergoing a significant transformation. This article is about a paradigm shift. […]

ETS vNews Episode 1

Welcome to ETS vNews – it’s the new and exciting TV show format that replaces the traditional eNewsletter – and we think you’re going to love it. In this episode of ETS vNews we catch up with Brett Salakas from #aussieED about his cover story article on Drones in Education, we look at the latest […]

3D Printing: Impacting The Minds Of The Future

By Nigel Brockbank. Schools everywhere are changing. We can see technological advances impacting schools and the way children learn everywhere. More recently, 3D printing has been making its mark on the minds of the future. It has certainly caused a stir in the media of late, but what are the benefits to the ways in […]

The Promise And Possibilities Of Music, Digital Media And A National Broadband Network

By Steve Dillon. In this article I would like to examine the promise and possibilities of music, digital media and a National Broadband Network. I will do this based on concepts that have emerged from studies undertaken by Professor Andrew Brown and technologies that I categories as either representational technologies visual or technologies with agency […]