The Flipped Classroom – A Paradigm Shift

  By Matt Burns A change is here. It is not coming. It is here. It has arrived. And like the wind, teachers can feel it on their skin, and in some classrooms. The way teachers have taught for the last 100 years is undergoing a significant transformation. This article is about a paradigm shift. […]

Educators Need To Do More Than Just Tinker At The Edges In The High School Space

By Dr Jane Hunter. I want to begin this article with reference to the latest findings of the 6th annual NMC Horizon K–12 Edition that was released recently. I have referred to this report each year in my own work and the latest edition, announced in a special session at the annual ISTE Conference in […]

Schoology : Learn. Together. LMS Seminars.

Schoology, the education technology company that puts collaboration at the heart of the learning experience, is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with CompNow as the company’s Australian reseller and integrator in Australia.  Together, Schoology and CompNow are touring the country in September to bring an exciting series of seminars to all interested principals, educators […]

THYMIO II – ETS 2015 Buyers Guide

Here is one of the lowest cost ways to start learning using robots that we’ve ever seen for classrooms. 

The Maker Movement – Retinkering Education

By Zeina Chalich. In a new book, Invent To Learn: Making, Tinkering, and Engineering in the Classroom, internationally respected educators Sylvia Martinez and Gary Stager capture the excitement of the Maker Movement and share the educational case for bringing making, tinkering and engineering to every classroom. According to Martinez and Stager, the Maker Movement, a […]

The Internet Is The Best Tool For Professional Development

By Steven Gillis. The internet has changed the way in which professional development (PD) for teachers can and should be delivered. Internet technologies allow for PD to be delivered anywhere and anytime, as long as one has a functioning computer and an internet connection. The Problem with PD The problem with traditional PD is that […]

Issue #63 Cover Story: An Ever-Evolving Virtual World, And Its Impact

By Paramita Roy B.A B.Ed M.Ed. The virtual world is expanding at an extraordinary pace, engaging millions of users, and the number is growing each day. The current generation of learners has already immersed themselves outside school in the 2D and 3D cinematic world of communication and gaming. Educational Researchers have been working relentlessly from […]

Action Knowledge: What Do Exemplary Teachers’ Do When They Integrate Technology?

By Jane Hunter. New research drawn from a group of exemplary teachers’ knowledge of technology integration shines a light on what classrooms should look like right now and into the future in primary and secondary schools. Teachers in the ethnographic study had to satisfy a set of ‘purposive criteria’ to participate and they taught students […]

Issue #62 Cover Story: Even Trees Can Talk: The Internet Of Things In Education

By Dr Michelle Selinger. You have probably heard about the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) but wondered what it means. The Internet of Things is about smart objects – interconnected things in which the line between the physical object and digital information about that object is blurred. At the simplest level, IoT focusses on sensor networks […]


By Chris Cooper. Schools continue to manage staffing as they have always done: allocations are set by the deputy principal or faculty heads. Staffing is sensitive, or even precious. There is a lot at stake and politics to go with it. Staffing is one of the largest expenses in a school and, educationally, the most […]