How to use the Cloud for agility and growth

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 3.48.34 PMAs you know, education is shifting away from investing in expensive infrastructure and towards cloud computing resources. In fact, the cloud may have become one of the industry’s hottest IT buzzwords.

“As your institution’s IT authority, the Cloud is something you are aware of, but the challenge is how to evaluate all the options;” comments Mike Dooner, Product Marketing Manager, Enterprise Content Management and Capture Solutions.

At Konica Minolta we regularly consult with education providers about which software services will best improve workflow, flexibility, streamline operations and save money. Using our experience, we have analysed cloud offerings as they sit today and have charted the ways they are being used in institutions exactly like yours.

This thoughtful analysis is informed by our deep knowledge of the administrative challenges within education and we hope reading it will make a difference to you, helping you to a) select new technology and b) augment its benefits over the months and years thereafter. Our breakdown includes:

  • An easy to digest explanation of different ways the cloud can be used
  • Cloud adoption trends in Australia and globally
  • The reasons why many departments are turning to the cloud to remain competitive
  • The various cloud business and technology models
  • Different cloud-based network configurations

In particular, we have looked at how the cloud is being used to enhance scalability and agility for growth as education becomes increasingly competitive. We have also put together an interactive infographic that illustrates the current cloud environment and forecasts where it is taking institutions like yours. Feel free to share it. View the infographic. 

We find that understanding each institution’s priorities and plans for growth is vital to advising them appropriately about IT solutions. From our experience, we have recently designed and launched WeOptimise, a private cloud platform providing hosted Software-as-a-Service solutions.

“Crucially, our platform’s Data Center is hosted in Australia so that the security we offer is one of the highest available in the world;” adds Richard Ashley, General Manager for Government and Education.

You are invited to discover all of Konica Minolta’s thoughts on how to navigate the challenges presented by technology in education in our series of informative guides.

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