Education Management Solutions Launches ‘ACE’ the 24/7 Software for Activities Camps and Excursions

pic3Brought to you by the same team that delivers StaffPD to schools all over Australia, Education Management Solutions has launched ACE, a paperless, easy-to-use solution which ticks all of the boxes for managing Activities, Camps and Excursions. ACE is designed with schools in mind to save you time and provide peace of mind through clear and easy design, complete data management securely hosted here in Australia with support and training and with no hidden costs.

Gerald Gieman, director of EMS explains, “we started work on ACE as a direct result of school leaders outlining their frustration with the excursion management process. They knew how much time we had saved them by using StaffPD; so could we do something similar for activities and excursions? Our ACE solution streamlines the entire excursion management process and is very simple to use. Feedback has been fantastic and our schools couldn’t be happier!”

For more information, contact Education Management Systems or go to

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