Mapping The Future Of Education Technology – Part 2

By Scott Patterson. In a time of rapid technological development and some of the most exciting innovations that history has ever produced, amazing new possibilities are finding their way into our schools. In particular, the education sector is experiencing the most significant shift that will see positive change in everything it will do in the […]

Mapping Out Your Own Video Projects Avoiding The Common Pitfalls And What Tools Are Available For Success

By James Taylor   Founder of the Scout Movement, Robert Baden-Powell, once said “be prepared”, and in the world of shooting video this could not be truer. Planning and preparation are everything when embarking on a production. If you are underprepared or taken by surprise for any reason, it can be very costly in terms […]

The Internet Is The Best Tool For Professional Development

By Steven Gillis. The internet has changed the way in which professional development (PD) for teachers can and should be delivered. Internet technologies allow for PD to be delivered anywhere and anytime, as long as one has a functioning computer and an internet connection. The Problem with PD The problem with traditional PD is that […]

Marketing and Communicating for Student Recruitment and the Australian Higher Education Sector

How does one effectively highlight the unique features of a university, going beyond the act of plastering a generic message? How can you win their trust and translate the marketing campaign into generating actual numbers? What are the digital marketing must haves? What is the expected impact of deregulation – what this means for student […]

5 minutes with Paul Hutchings, Education Lead at Lenovo

ICT has been a growing part of schools for roughly 20 years. However, very little has changed over that period of time in how schools, overall, are using it if we look at the way that technology is being used functionally. There are some schools which are doing fantastically well and they have always been […]

Why You Need A Personal Learning Network

By Dr Carol Skyring. If I were to ask you to draw a diagram illustrating where and from whom you learn, it would probably be quite complex. It might include conferences, workshops, books, social media and blogs. It would most certainly include a range of people: colleagues, peers, practitioners and experts. It would also look […]

November registration is essential for Social Schools Australia’s premier social media event for schools

#SocialSchools14 is a different kind of conference. Each session flows logically and seamlessly into the next. There are no concurrent sessions… so no choosing between sessions and speakers. We’ve made the tough decisions for you. Each speaker has been handpicked to fit the program. And it is a spruiker-free zone!  Register on The confirmed presenters for #SocialSchools14 are hereby […]

Rehabilitating Elephants: Higher Education Futures Australia

By Associate Professor Shelley Kinash. Elephants are threatened and in decline. Destruction of natural habitats is a serious problem. There is intense friction about the role and function of elephants. Worldwide, elephants are protected and conservation efforts are in place.   Substituting the words higher education for the word elephant reveals a similar state of […]

Web 3.0 Is Here – The Promises And Pitfalls Of Always-On Learning

By Mercer Hall and Patricia Russac. In the changing topography of web interactions, the luxury of a slow, linear approach no longer exists. The landscape of online learning is constantly upheaving. Digital technologies have revolutionised the exchange and the design of information, and the speed and availability of a mobile environment inspires both allure and […]

Using Technology To Make A Splash In The Classroom

By Annabel Astbury. Asking Australia’s first Astronaut what it was like living in space, helping an advocate defend a case in Ancient Rome, creating an online census and discovering some national treasures from Austraila’s leading galleries and museums – these are just some of the exciting activities that Australian kids have enjoyed through their experiences […]