Learn 6 key strategies Australian Universities are using to design and create new learning spaces

As new technologies continue to transform the way students learn and engage with each other, learning spaces must continue to evolve and be designed to cater for new innovative styles of learning.

Ahead of New Generation Learning Space Design 2016, we take a look at six key strategies universities across Australia are using to transform pedagogical practice through the design of new learning spaces, in order to remain relevant to the digital student.

Read the article Six strategies Australian universities are using to design and create innovative learning spaces’ and learn how UNSW, UTS and Charles Sturt University are designing and creating 21st century learning spaces.

More specifically, the article reveals how these three institutes are:

  • Involving students, staff and the community in the design process
  • Setting up learning spaces in a way that encourages creative exchange
  • Integrating virtual with the physical to facilitate a new style of learning
  • Matching design to learning outcomes
  • Future proofing spaces to cater for changing technology and student expectations
  • Ensuring staff are bought into the journey
  • Measuring the impact of new learning spaces to drive better learning outcomes in the future

Read the full article here.

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