D-Link DCS-6513 Dome Camera

dlinkTo help keep your school, staff and students safe, we reckon the D-Link DCS-6513 Dome Camera is something worth looking at.

The great thing about D-Link CCTV cameras is they are developed to integrate in easily with your existing IT network infrastructure and by leveraging the security technology that D-Link provides your school, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have eyes around the school watching for you, even in the dimmest light.

What we really like about the DCS-6513 Dome Camera is that you get instant intrusion alerts 24/7 to a PC, smartphone or any web enabled device. This IP CCTV security camera provides schools of any size a significantly heightened level of security, which is great when you consider the total value of your school’s assets and of course, the safety of the people in it!

The other reason we thought it was a good idea to look at this awesome security solution is because D-Link has a limited time offer for schools exactly like yours – but you have to act fast.

If you book a FREE site survey, quoting the promo code EDUTECH2015, you could receive a bonus Full HD Mini dome IP Surveillance camera valued at $529.  The site survey provides you with a plan that looks after your school’s security both now and into the future. You’ve got nothing to lose so it’s well worth getting in touch.

To find out more about this special offer, get in touch with D-Link Australia

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